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Bolt-in EMI Filter Plates

The bolt-in style latch EMI filter plate provides an excellent method for electronic system interface and EMI filtering. On the larger plate sizes, APITech ensures structural integrity through a unique coining process.

Learn more about APITech's Easy Mate and Easy Mate Jr. EMI filter plates that simplify installation and eliminate the need for mounting hardware.

  • EMI filter arrays are available in a variety of plate sizes and up to 74 lines per plate in hi-density (2mm) and 60 pins per plate in standard density (.100")
  • Eliminates the need to assemble filters into a bulkhead
  • Excellent EMI filtering from 5 MHz to 1 GHz
  • Total cost savings vs. customer installed discrete filter elements
  • Ideal for isolation of electronic compartments to suppress EMI
  • Outperforms surface-mount filters over 50 MHz
  • Improved reliability
  • Mixed capacitance values and schematics
  • Maximize real estate on PCB
  • RoHS Compliant with exemption 7. Fully compliant versions are available.
Bolt-in Style EMI Filter Plates
Base plate material Brass UNS C26000/C27000
Base plate thickness .020 inches (.51mm)
Plating Tin
RoHS version will be silver
Lead material Copper alloy
Lead plating Gold Plate
Lead diameter ø .025" (.64mm)for 0.100" centers (2.54mm)
ø .020 (.51mm)for 0.079" centers (2.00mm)
Current Rating 5 Amps for .025" (.64mm) ø 
3 Amps for .020" (.51mm) ø