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Easy Mate Jr. EMI Filter Plates

APITech has expanded its popular Easy Mate family by adding two more EMI filter plate package sizes, 0.990" and 1.240". These new sizes are lower profile and facilitate the installation of feed-through filters into small hardware applications, such as PCS linear power amplifiers and RF transmitters.

  • Available in two EMI filter plate lengths .990" and 1.240"
  • Reduces installation time and overall cost
  • ​Eliminates mounting hardware and prep work​
  • Increased flexibility with standard density centers (.100")
    or high-density centers (2mm)
  • Improves overall quality and reliability
  • Multiple finger ground contacts provide excellent EMI filtering from 5 MHz to 18 GHz
  • Outperforms surface mount devices
  • Maximize real estate on PCB
  • Mixed capacitance values and schematics
  • Ideal for isolation of electronic compartments
  • RoHS Compliant with exemption 7. Fully compliant versions are available.
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Industrial applications
  • Remote sensing instruments
  • Medical equipment
Easy Mate Jr. EMI Filter Plates
Base plate material Beryllium copper
Base plate thickness .010 inches (.25mm)
Plating Tin
RoHS version will be silver
Lead material Copper alloy
Lead plating Gold Plate
Lead diameter ø .025" (.64mm)for 0.100" centers (2.54mm)
ø .020 (.51mm)for 0.079" centers (2.00mm)
Current Rating 5 Amps for .025" (.64mm) ø 
3 Amps for .020" (.51mm) ø