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Magnetic Inductors

APITech offers a family of ruggedly manufactured inductors designed to filter out noise currents from various electrical and electronic power control circuits.  These inductors have many applications in commercial, industrial, medical, consumer, and military equipment, as well as wherever a high-quality noise rejection filter system is required.  Every inductor produced by APITech is tailored and optimized for your unique specifications.

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Precision wound, heavy-duty toroidal inductors. Stores energy as a magnetic field, can delay and reshape alternating current.
High-quality noise rejection filter. Precision wound, heavy-duty toroidal inductor in both 120 and 240 volt models.
Available in medium-current and high-current toroid type. Open winding, semi-encapsulated, and encapsulated construction.
Air Coil Inductors offer a critical benefit of having no magnetic core. Inductance is unaffected by the current it carries.
Design and manufacture of custom, ruggedized, high-reliability magnetic components.