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Air Coil Inductors

Air Coil Inductors offer a critical benefit of having no magnetic core that typically results in saturation.

APITech can provide custom air coil inductors for RF power, filter and sensing applications. These products are made with a specialized custom tooling to meet dimensional and electrical requirements.

  • Inductance is unaffected by the current it carries
  • Can be designed to perform at frequencies as high as 1 GHz
  • Low self-capacitance, high self-resonant frequency
  • Greater efficiency and power handling
  • Less distortion
  • Free from iron losses
  • Better Q-factor
Air Coil Inductors
Minimum Wire Size 30 awg
Maximum Wire Size 10 awg
Maximum length 4 inches
Minimum ID 3/32 inch
Maximum OD 6 inches
Minimum tubing size 1/8 inch
Maximum tubing size 1/2 inch