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Power Inductors / Lighting Chokes

APITech's rugged toroidal inductors are designed to filter out noise currents from various electrical and electronic power control circuits. These precision wound heavy-duty toroidal inductors store energy as a magnetic field and will delay and reshape the alternating current.

After years of research and development, we produce inductors that utilize newly developed materials, designs, and processes, setting new standards for performance in the inductors market.

Every APITech inductor is tailored and optimized for specific applications.

  • Precision wound heavy-duty toroidal inductors
  • Stores energy as a magnetic field can delay and reshape the alternating current
  • Semi or full epoxy molded, horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Available in semi or full epoxy molded
  • Horizontal & vertical mounting
  • All "UL" recognizable materials
  • EMI/RFI noise filtering
  • Filtering out the ripple in DC rectification circuits
  • Noise rejection
  • Switch-mode power regulator controls and other energy storage circuits
  • Lighting dimmers – low wattage residential to higher wattage commercial, SCR controls
  • Differential mode line filters
  • Hash/suppression inductor/chokes
  • Input/output filter inductors
  • Common mode inductor/chokes
  • Power inductor/chokes