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Switch Mode Power Supply Inductors

APITech offers a family of ruggedly manufactured switch mode power supply inductors designed to filter out noise currents from various electrical and electronic power control circuits.  After years of research and development, we produce inductors that utilize newly developed materials, designs, and processes, setting new standards for performance in several areas of the inductors market.

  • Available in medium-current and high-current toroid type
  • 10 watts to 1,000 watts with low power losses
  • Filter inductors, toroidal current sense transformers and high frequency inverter transformers
  • Performance verified in 25kHz power supply
  • Switching frequencies from 5 to 100 kHz
  • Open winding, semi-encapsulated and encapsulated construction
  • Custom designs up to 200 amps
  • AC electronic equipment
  • Radio equipment
  • Energy storage