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Toroidal Power Transformers

The closed ring shape of a toroidal transformer eliminates air gaps inherent in the construction of an E-I core. The primary and secondary coils are often wound concentrically to cover the entire surface of the core, which provides screening to minimize the core’s magnetic field from generating electromagnetic interference.

API Technologies winds their own silicon steel cores to ensure that the grain boundaries are optimally aligned, improving the transformer's efficiency by reducing the core’s reluctance.

  • 50/60HZ, 5-15,000V Power Transformers (Europe ER series)
  • 60 Hz 120V Power Transformers (U.S. FR series)
  • 400Hz 115-230V Power transformer (Military DR series)
  • Convert power-level voltages from one level or phase configuration
  • Lower magnetic leakage, lower electrical noise and mechanical hum
  • Excellent as isolation step-down and high voltage step-up transformers, autotransformer, ferroresonant transformer and smoothing inductor
  • Power supplies
  • Inverters
  • Amplifiers
  • Audio visual equipment