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BAE Systems, Comstron, Microphase, Radian, Varian

API Technologies’ robust engineering heritage gives us the capability to maintain, re-engineer, upgrade, and repair products, solutions and systems not originally manufactured in-house. Cost effective repairs and upgrades allow depots and service departments a one stop shop for older obsolete systems from one of our heritage brands or other microwave manufacturers.


➜ BAE Systems - Cage Code 31637

➜ Comstron - Cage Code 88379

➜ Microphase - Cage Code 57142

➜ Radian - Cage Code 42665

➜ Varian - Cage Code 40379


ProductProgramOriginal MfgCage CodeOriginal Mfg ModelOriginal Mfg Part NumberOriginal CustomerNational Stock NumberAPI Model Number
0.5-18GHz DTO Assembly   Radian 42665 3141       SM1029-00
0.5-20 GHz Digital Tunned Oscillator   Radian 42665 2915   Northrop Grumman-Amherst Systems    
14-18GHz, DTO Assembly   Radian 42665 3168   MELCO   SM1020-00
Digital Receiver Transmitter (DRT) ALQ-126B BAE Systems 31637 8407765 8407765     SM1045-00
Digitial Tunned Oscillator   Radian 42665 3199   LMCO   AX1138-00
Digitial Tunned Oscillator, 6-18 GHz   Radian 42665 3285   FR Aviation   AX1134-00
Frequency Multiplier   Engleman Microwave       US Army 1430-01-043-5005 SM1006-00
Frequency Multiplier Oscillator ALQ156 Varian 40379 VSR-9693-2   BAE Systems 5841-01-136-5833  
Front Receiver Assembly Patriot Raytheon   TRS-G512315   US Army   SM1015-00
Mixer Preamp Assembly NEXRAD Microphase 57142 SG1000   NRC   SM1016-00
MVCO   Radian 42665 2011A   German Armed Forces 5955-12-315-7168 AX1139-00
Oscillator, Radio Frequency TPS/FPS117 Radian 42665     LMCO   BXMFA032
Oscillator, Radio Frequency TPS/FPS117 Radian 42665 FS-9126   LMCO   BXMFA026
Pulse Compression Assy ARPDDS             SM1056-00
Receiver Channel ARPDDS/LAMPS MMR             SM1046-00
Receiver Channel ARPDDS/LAMPS MMR             SM1046-01
Receiver Exciter APS-143 variant             SM1078-00
Temp Compensated X-Tal Oscillator   Comstron 88379 OTS-0050     5955-01-065-5049 AX1137-00
Upconverter MMR             SM1051-01
Upconverter ARPDDS             SM1058-00
VCO Assembly APG68 Northrop Grumman       Northrop Grumman   SM1017-00
Waveform Generator ARPDDS             SM1059-00
xtal oscillator/multiplier Artemis         Ultra/Avalon   SM1055-00