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Configurable Pre-Filtered GPS Low Noise Amplifier Modules

Low Noise, Wide Input Voltage Range

GPS navigation and timing systems are a necessity in almost every marketplace spanning both commercial and military applications. Operating reliably in an increasingly crowded RF Spectrum is a continuously evolving challenge to system designers. Performance is dependent upon receiving a clean signal free from intentional and unintentional interferers. The product exhibits excellent anti-jam performance as well as a Sub 2 dB noise figure. The 312 Series is qualified to the most critical of environments for military and airborne applications and is available in low order quantities with a short lead time.

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  • Missiles
  • Military Aircraft
  • Rockets
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Survey/Mapping
  • Marine Navigation

312 Series Pre-Filtered GPS LNAGPS navigation and timing systems are a necessity in almost every market place spanning both commercial and military applications. Performance and reliability in an increasingly crowded RF spectrum is a continuously evolving challenge to system designers. Manufacturing a custom solution to mitigate interference issues can be inherently expensive with the cost of NRE and qualification testing, in addition to long development cycles.

The 312 Series Pre-Filtered GPS LNA is the solution to these problems. It is a high performance product that was designed for custom platforms without the high cost associated with a custom solution.

312 Series Filtered GPS LNA

At the core of the product line is the amplifier assembly board which is common to each and every configuration. The assembly has the flexibility built in to allow for various gain levels, supply bias options, GPS band frequencies, and the number of outputs. The amplifier assembly is housed in one of three laser-welded, hermetic housings which provides for a variety of field-removable mating connectors. The customer simply builds the part number indicating which configuration works best for the specific application. 

The 312 Series product line also includes a number of advanced or custom features that allows it to be a good choice for even more specialized requirements. Features like customized GPS filters and limiter protection are provisioned on the amplifier assembly and are considered semi-standard. This means that these features can easily be added without significantly impacting the cost or lead time.

APITech's pre-filtered GPS LNA is a configurable product. The purpose for the flexibility is to allow the system designer to tailor the performance to exactly what the system requires. The part number is built to allow the designer to specify which GPS Band(s) that the module must operate in, the level of gain from 16 to 40 dB in 3 dB increments, either single or dual output, the bias option, and the mating RF and DC interfaces.

312 Series Filtered GPSIn many cases, the operational environment is the reason a user seeks a custom solution. Utilizing internal test labs, the 312 Series GPS LNA has been subjected to the most popular testing. When possible, the 312 has been included in testing of other product lines. This environmental testing is critical to provide confirmation that the 312 Series product will perform as well as a custom solution.

312 Series Filtered GPSThe 312 Series product line is very adaptable making it ideal for most applications, even those applications where a custom design seems like the only solution.

For example, the 312 Series has been adapted using custom filters with additional rejection performance. It has been modified to provide 3 outputs instead of the single or dual only. One application required an ultra-lightweight version, so APITech utilized magnesium and SSMA connectors to reduce the 312 Series weight by about 30%. All of these adaptations were done without significant redesign or NRE charges.