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Oscillator Based IMAs

APITech is a leading manufacturer of custom integrated microwave assemblies using oscillators and other frequency sources alongside our own filter, amplifier and switching components. Using many integration technologies our engineers are able to develop and manufacture highly reliable and efficient assemblies that are easy to integrate into new or existing systems. These oscillator-based IMAs are designed for demanding military, aerospace and commercial applications.

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APITech Upconverters and Downconverters utilize in-house filter, amplifier and mixer designs which allows us to maintain critical performance alignment for exceptional amplitude and gain flatness.
APITech's synthesizers offer wide bandwidth, multiple step size options, fast switching speed, and low phase noise control options.
Low phase noise Frequency Multipliers and low noise, odd order, SRD based Frequency Multipliers deliver superior AM phase noise performance as well as excellent spurious levels.
APITech integrates high performance broadband channelizers, high Q filters and low loss detectors to provide stable outputs over temperature, a more tolerable RF match for the filter and improved Signal to Noise ratio to make this Frequency Activity Detectors (FADs).
APITech's line of Master Reference Oscillators is state-of-the-art designs utilizing vibration hardened, ultra low noise, crystal oscillators.
With 13 models to choose from, these Multiplied PLOs incorporate unique features including: DC Voltage Regulation, Automatic Reference Sensing, Low Current Consumption and Multiple RF Outputs.
APITech's Frequency Multiplier Oscillator (FMO) is a compact 21 channel signal generator that provides transmit and LO signals airborne radar systems.
APITech offers a complete line of Digitally Controlled Crystal Oscillators (DCXO) made to your unique project specifications.