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Comb Generators

APITech's Series 95 Comb Generators use a Step Recovery Diode (SRD) to generate very narrow voltage spikes; these in turn produce an output frequency spectrum rich in harmonics. The spacing between the signals is equal to the source that drives the SRD which, in most cases, is a stable crystal oscillator. The crystal oscillator is normally internal, however, an external signal can be used to drive the SRD.

Designing and producing our improved phase noise comb generators in-house allows API Technologies to offer improved Spurious response and better selectivity.

ModelComb Spacing
Output Power level
(dBm @ Freq)
Output Power Level
(dBm @ Freq)
Freq. Stability
95228 500 0 dBm @ 500 MHz -35 dBm @ 18 GHz -80 15 15V / 150 mA
95229 1000 0 dBm @ 1000 MHz -30 dBm @ 18 GHz -80 15 15V / 150 mA
Signal Integrity
  • Optional output filtering is provided to insure a clean signal with optimum combs within the acquired band of interest.
Customizable Options
  • For improved phase noise & stability, an internal OCXO is an option.
  • The output can be the full comb spectrum, filtered to select certain combs, or we can add a switched filter bank to select the output band of your choice.
External Frequency Sources
  • For improved noise & stability, we can phase lock to an external frequency source.
High Performance
  • he spacing between the comblines is equal to the frequency of the source that drives the SRD.
  • That source can be internal or external, crystal oscillator/VCO/CRO, fixed or voltage tuned, free running or phase locked, and many other combinations.