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Cable Modem Redundant Switches & Test Systems

As cable modems become more readily available so does the need to calibrate and test their operational performance. APITech's cable modem testing solution starts with the design and manufacturing of 75 ohm subsystems that offer:

  • Multi-channel inputs and outputs with front or rear panel connector mounting options.
  • Operation over the dc to 1 GHz frequency range
  • IEEE-488, Serial or Ethernet (SNMP option) Interface for computer control
  • Wide dynamic range by employing Attenuator / Weinschel SmartStep Attenuators
  • Custom Mechanical Design & Layout

  • 800-1900 MHz frequency range
  • 8 Input Channels to 1 Output Channel
  • IEEE-488 Interface
  • Standard BNC Connectors
  • Wide Dynamic Range: 63/1 dB steps, 75 ohm
  • Aeroflex / Weinschel 3250T Programmable Attenuators