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S-Band Quad Transmit Receive Module (QTRM)

Transmit / Receive Solutions for Phased Array Radar Systems and Sub-system Integration

The APITech Dual S-Band 100W T/R Module is designed to operate in active Phased Array Radar systems. It utilises a 40V supply to drive the 100W LDMOS amplifier, which operates in class AB, with local storage capacitance to supply the peak currents for 100us pulse lengths at duty cycles up to 20%.

A circulator provides the duplexer function with a T/R switch to protect the receiver from reflected power. The 6 BIT phase shifter and attenuator are positioned in the common arm so are available in transmit and receive. They are controlled with parallel TTL logic derived from a FPGA that is driven by a 3-wire serial data stream.

  • 6 BIT phase and attenuation control
  • Independent control of each channel
  • Integral power supply sequencing and conditioning
  • Integral digital control and messaging logic
  • Minimum 100W Output Power per channel using high efficiency LDMOS transistors
  • Low receiver noise figure <3.3dB @ +55°C
  • Up to 100μs Pulse Width, 20% Duty Cycle
  • Large Internal Storage Capacitance for Optimum Pulse Shape
  • European Manufacturer
  • Naval Radar / Marine Radar
  • Airborne Radar
  • Ground-based Radar
  • Vehicle-mounted Radar
  • Air Traffic Control Radar
  • Tactical Data Links including SATCOM on the MOVE
  • E-Scan & Satcom Applications

S-Band Dual Transmit / Recieve Module - MAIA-009992-000000

Dual S-Band 100W Transmit / Receive Module (TRM) 3.1 - 3.5 GHz)

S-Band DTRM Transmit Recieve Module

The APITech Dual S-Band 100W Tx/Rx Module is designed to operate in ground based active Phased Array Radar systems. It is configured to be suitable for mounting in the antenna array, directly behind the antenna element.

Control of the digital phase and amplitude trimmers is by parallel TTL logic derived from an internal FPGA, as is the T/R switch control.

The S-Band Dual Tansmit/Receive Module is configured to be suitable for mounting in the antenna array, driectly behind the antenna element.

Quad T/R Modules for Systems Integration

Quad Transmit Receive ModuleUsing a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) approach, APITech has developed a ‘common module’ building approach that streamlines system integration, simplifies repair, and reduces the cost of ownership of AESA / e-scan array / e-scan radar platforms.

For this 'common module' building approach, we have chosen a QTRM (Quad Transmit Receive Module) as the ‘common module.’ Available as either a standalone solution or as part of APItech's Active Antenna Array Unit (AAAU) product, the QTRM can be integrated into phased array antenna applications, serving as a stackable building block as part of an antenna sub-array. This stacked approach facilitates ease of configuration and field repair of radar units.

Available in various bands and product configurations, our Quad Transmit Receive Module forms the main element of an AESA radar system.

Field Upgradable

The solution elements are fully interchangeable, allowing for ease of integration and fast repair. This is in contrast to current Active Electronic Scanned Array (AESA) solutions, which require the entire platform to be sent back for repairs and upgrades.

Simplified Installation - No Calibration Required

Factory-Calibrated transmit/receive modules are included with the solution, so only antenna offsets need to be uploaded. This significantly speeds time to deployment.

Self-Monitoring Temperature and Cooling Options

The solution offers cooling solutions options to support a variety of platform applications. The unit self-monitors temperature and engages automatic shut down if the internal temperature reaches a critical limit.