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Upconverters & Downconverters

Wide Bandwiths, Low Spurious

APITech emphasis on multi-disciplined integration, coupled with its design and engineering capabilities, has allowed us to provide complex up/down converters that seamlessly integrate to some of the world's most sophisticated platforms. We utilize in-house filter, amplifier, and mixer designs which allow us to maintain critical performance alignment for exceptional amplitude and gain flatness.

In-House Designs
  • APITech Upconverters and Downconverters utilize in-house filter, amplifier and mixer designs which allows us to maintain critical performance alignment for exceptional amplitude and gain flatness.
Airborne Applications
  • APITech Upconverters and Downconverters also feature an optional dual channel frequency converter with a tunable synthesized LO, very popular in many airborne applications.
  • This design provides exceptional return loss through the entire band as well as suitable out of band rejection for critical military applications.
Versatile Features
  • Active and Passive Temperature compensation is an integral part of our designs to support rugged military environments.
  • Both amplitude and phase matching are critical elements of superior up/down converter performance especially in direction finding applications.
Overdrive Protection
  • On the DC supply side, reverse and overdrive protection plus DC Power conditioning are used to prevent and maintain adequate supply isolation.
Variable Gain Control
  • Using an analog or digital control voltage, these designs come with a wide variety of interfaces to support management of both gain and signal strength.
RF Input Protection
  • RF input protection is commonly employed using limiting circuts composed of high barrier diodes for either moderate or high power interferers.