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Multi-Chip Modules & Hybrid Microcircuits

Mixed Signal & Power, RF, Microwave & MMW, Optoelectronics, Thin Film & SAW Fab

APITech is a designer and manufacturer of RF/microwave and hybrid components, RF/microwave, MMW, and microelectronic assemblies for defense, space systems, satellite, high-rel commercial, communications, avionics and ruggedized industrial applications, as well as high temperature, harsh environments. As your full-service partner for hybrid engineering and thermal design expertise, we are able to provide you with high performance products using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes coupled with the reliability and superior quality that today’s customers demand.

  • Fully Custom Mixed Signal Microelectronic Solutions
  • Build to Print Microelectronic Assemblies
  • Compliant to Class K

  • Designed for maximum reliability
  • Excellent for aerospace and defense applications
  • MIL-PRF-38534 Class H or Class K options on qualified manufacturing line
  • Hermetically-sealed multi-chip modules
  • Typical operating temperatures of -55 to +125 degrees centigrade
  • Product available for operating temperatures for 150 to 165 degrees centigrade
  • Extended life-time at 225°C continuous (Ultra High Temperature)
  • Thick film multi-layer interconnects
  • Thin film
  • Large area thick film interconnects
  • Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC)
  • Chip and wire assembly
  • Monometallic wire bonding
  • Full compatibility with SOI* and SiC*
  • Hermetic packaging
  • SMT assembly (PCBA & ceramic)
  • System assemblies & box builds
  • Complete electrical measurements over temperature
  • Accredited Environmental Test House

High-Reliability Electronics for Harsh Environments

Multi-Chip Modules & Hybrid Microcircuits (MCMs)

High-reliability thick film hybrids and multi-chip modules (MCMs) are APITech's core competence. From complex hermetically-sealed multi-chip-modules used in aerospace and defence applications, to high-volume automotive control modules, APITech's thick-film hybrids and MCMs are designed for maximum reliability in the harshest environments.

APITech has successfully tested its thick-film technology at 200 degrees centigrade and the company is introducing new thick-film systems which are capable of performing at 225 degrees centigrade.