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APITech provides a variety of products and capabilities for different applications.

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APITech Weinschel’s 4-Channel Programmable Attenuators operate over the 0.3 to 8000 MHz frequency range, and offer attenuation ranges up to 95 dB. These connectors are ideal for MU-MIMO Wireless Testing and Fading test simulation environments.
APITech’s 5G D-Sub filtered connectors are capable of 70 dB from 1 GHz to 6 GHz in a D-sub connector adapter form-factor. These connectors are ideal for test enclosures for high-frequency testing including 5G cellular hardware.
Chip attenuators are used in amplifier circuits, receivers, up/down converters, phase-matched arrays, and switching applications.
APITech cryo attenuators, tested to 4mK, are available in frequency ranges from DC to 40 GHz. Proprietary thin film. 2.92mm, SMA, and SMPM connector types.
Simulates ‘true’ multipath effects in a wireless environment. Ideal for MIMO Conductive testing, Wi-Fi 6E, WiMAX , 4G LTE, 5G multipath fading simulators.
Modular Active Antenna Array Unit Solutions, Featuring Line-Replaceable Quad T/R Module 'Common Building Block' Units for Scaleability and Ease of Integration and Repair.
APITech offers an extensive design library of low phase noise frequency sources, optimizing the overall design for superior performance and value.
APITech makes RF & Microwave Switches, Precision RF Rotary Joints, and Threshhold Detectors.