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Dielectric Resonator Oscillators & Coaxial Resonator Oscillators

API's Line of Dielectric Resonator Oscillators (DROs) and Coaxial Resonator Oscillators (CROs) are designed and built with both small size and low phase noise in mind. Packed full of standard features, our complete line of free running DRO designs operate from 500 MHz to 21.5 GHz, with "modified standard" units available in all frequencies from HF to Ku band.

Our ceramic based resonators are very low loss and dependably stable, even during extreme temperature changes. To reduce Modulation Side-bands and Microphonics during high vibration & shock, our designs insure that the resonator is securely & firmly attached to the housing.

Frequency Generation Features
  • Includes screened high performance voltage tuned varactor diodes for tuning repeatability, long term stability and predictable phase noise.
  • Features custom thin film microstrip boards for improved noise performance.
  • Metallized PC backplanes are used for improved grounding and superior stability.
Superior Engineering
  • Our custom designed and tuned filters and mixers significantly outperform off-the-shelf components and contribute to our optimized full system performance.
  • With resident thin film hybrid, oscillator, and amplifier design and fabrication support, API Technologies is able to design complete solutions for demanding requirements.
Ultra Low Phase Noise
  • Our exceptional Low Phase Noise performance offers you: better receiver sensitivity, improved sub-clutter visibility, enhanced system noise floor, and a lower bit error rate.