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Smart Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

API Technologies offers smart switched power distribution units (PDUs) and Power Sequencers in both AC and DC configurations which include our AC SMARTStart® and DC SMARTStart® product lines. Each of our PDUs and power sequencers are designed to remotely control power loads and monitor vital parameters such as line voltage, total load current and line frequency. Both the AC and DC SMARTStart® are offered in various COTS configurations or as a customized solution to fit your project needs. Additionally, API Technologies offers AC solutions with Delta and WYE Three Phase Wiring options. Please select the type of power distribution your project requires, or contact us with questions.

Ideal for applications such as: autonomous vessels and “swarm” boats, command post platforms, CLECs, ILECs, XDSL applications/CATV enterprises, and blade servers.
The AC Switched Power Distribution Unit remotely controls AC loads and monitors specs such as line voltage, total load current, and line frequency.