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Dual Input Tactical Power Supply

Dual Source 650W power supply capable of being powered from a universal shoreline (85-265VAC) or vehicle 12/24/28VDC battery / alternator source. It was designed to comply with MIL-STD-1275 for Vehicle Power Systems as well as MIL-STD-461 EMI. It can operate in a 60°C environment without fans and is rated as a IP-67 enclosure making it a very rugged design. It supplies a 28VDC, 30A output as well as a 42VDC, 4.5A output.

  • Multiple Power Sources AC/ or DC Battery or Vehicle Battery
  • DC Voltage Output 24VDC/28VDC
  • AC Input Over/Under Voltage Protection
  • Operates in Extreme Temperature, Humidity, & Vibration
  • Convection Cooled - No Moving Parts
  • Weighs approximately 7.0 lbs
  • Designed to Meet MIL-STD-810 & MIL-STD-461