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Resistive Products

APITech designs and manufactures resistive surface mount devices that include both thin-film and thick-film technology available in chip, leaded, or flange-mount packages. These surface-mount devices include legacy designs from the former KDI business unit as well as Inmet rod resistors. The new Powerfilm™ brand surface-mount resistive components from API Inmet are enhanced to include even more reliability, options, frequency, and power than ever before. Employing a proprietary proven and economical thick/thin film processing approach, these resistive components are optimized for your high-power signal conditioning, leveling, gain optimization and matching network challenges. 

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APITech makes chip, flange, rod, and thin film resistors.
APITech offers a wide selection of Powerfilm chip attenuators and terminations. We have two varieties of attenuators and surface-mount resistive terminations.
Powerfilm flange attenuators and terminations used in high-power amplifiers, as terminating attenuators in isolators, in Wilkinson power dividers, or to terminate 3 dB stripline or microstrip hybrids.
When voltage variable gain control is required, Voltage Variable Attenuators (VVAs) are available in frequency ranges from 5 to 2000 MHz.
APITech Inmet Powerfilm™ product line includes a selection of passive resistive components designed for use with stripline circuits.
A wide selection of solid-state, mechanical relay and edge-line designs. Available in a variety of step sizes and frequency bands.
APITech's Inmet and Weinschel brands offer a wide selection of fixed attenuators, high reliability attenuators, and manual step attenuators.
Terminations up to 50 GHz. APITech makes coaxial terminations with a wide selection for frequency type, power handling, and connector type. Custom designs available.
Bias Tees in frequencies up to 50 GHz with multiple connector configurations.
DC Blocks Available in Inner Only, Outer Only and Inner/Outer designs with various frequency ranges and voltage ratings.
Gain Equalizers offer simple solutions to your system slope problems. Inmet brand product.