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Chip, Flange & Pill Attenuators

Chip and flange attenuators. Standard and temperature variable. Selectable 1 to 30dB values. Available in Alumina, BeO, and AIN substrates. Up to 30 GHz and up to 250 Watts. MIL testing available.

Powerfilm chip attenuators from APITech Inmet come in two varieties: "Temperature Stable" (standard) and "Temperature Variable" attenuators.
Powerfilm flange attenuators are designed to uniformly reduce power of the RF signal while generating only a small reflection even under maximum power conditions.
APITech Inmet Powerfilmâ„¢ product line includes a selection of passive resistive components designed for use with stripline circuits.
Attenuators, terminations, and resistors with power up to 1250 Watts and frequency up to 27 GHz are available in chip and flange surface-mount packages.