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Coaxial Delay Lines

APITech's high frequency Coaxial Delay Lines utilize semi-rigid cable, from small diameters, such as .041” up to diameters of .250”. APITech's coaxial delay lines can be easily adjusted by changing the length of the cable and can be heated to improve temperature stability. Many interface options are offered including SMA (Female and Male), N-Type (Female), TNC (Female), Leaded and SMD.

APITech offers a wide range of semi-standard and custom coaxial delay solutions designed to meet customer specifications for a wide range of applications.

High Frequency, Quick-Turn Solution

APITech's Coaxial Delay Lines deliver consistent performance and low loss up to 50nSec, ideal for short delays in radar channel matching. With easy configurability and a competitive price point, coaxial delay lines are an example of APITech's quick-turn solutions.


  • EW Target Generation
  • Radar Channel Matching

Features & Specifications

  • Frequency Range: DG-6GHz
  • Delay: 1nSec - 250nSec
  • Insertion Loss: 0.2dB – 50dB
  • Stability: 0.15PPM/degC
  • Bandwidth: DC – 8GHz