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Pulse Compression Dispersive Steel Delay Lines

APITech's complete line of pulse compression Dispersive Steel Delay Lines are offered in semi-standard or custom designs and available in many interface options including SMA (Female and Male), N-Type (Female), TNC (Female), Leaded and SMD. Our dispersive Steel delay lines can be ovenized for high stability center frequencies. Packaging options are non or hermetically welded.

Dispersive Steel Delay Lines

Frequency and Temperature Stable

APITech's Steel Dispersive delay lines are designed for precision delay, ideal for critical reliability applications. Utilizing analog signal technology, these delay lines were designed to be smaller and consume less power than their digital counterpart.


  • Military Radar Pulse Expansion & Compression
  • Real Time Signal Processing
  • Linear & Non-Linear FM Generation
  • Spectral Analysis

Features & Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 5MHz - 65MHz
  • Delay: 15µSec - 350µSec
  • Insertion Loss: 20 - 45dB
  • Stability: 1ppm/degC
  • Distortion: > 50%