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API’s emphasis on multi-disciplined vertical integration, coupled with its advanced design and engineering capabilities, has enabled the Company to provide complex assemblies which seamlessly integrate into some of the world’s most sophisticated technology platforms.

Our diverse Integrated Microwave and Multifunction Assemblies (IMAs and MFAs) are perfect for applications spanning electronic warfare, military communications, radar, aerospace, and commercial wireless and telecom.

API 's high reliability solutions are designed to meet the most challenging requirements for precision and mission critical applications. Modular, high efficiency subsystems are designed to optimize component and assembly efficiencies across the block diagram.

Utilizing advanced semiconductor technologies like GaN, LDMOS, Silicon MOSFET, GaAs MESPHET, and GaAs pHEMT, API's engineering team can achieve high power and broad bandwidths.
Browse our full line of high performance RF and microwave GaN, GaAs MESFET, E-pHEMT, LDMOS, Class A, Class AB, Class C, broadband, hybrid, fully-modifiable power amplifier modules, drivers, and subsystems.
Multi-channel programmable attenuator systems.
Utilizing design expertise in cavity filter construction, suspended substrate, SAW, and other filter topologies, API’s engineering team can achieve broader bandwidths, improved out of band rejection, lower insertion loss and other crucial parameters.
Modular Active Antenna Array Unit Solutions, Featuring Line-Replaceable Quad T/R Module 'Common Building Block' Units for Scaleability and Ease of Integration and Repair.
High reliability, oscillator based microwave assembly solutions using complex rf/microwave techniques for use in demanding military, aerospace and commercial applications.
Compact and rack mount solutions for variety of test, subsystem and systems applications for commercial and military.
Multi-channel, broadband, programmable phase shifter systems.
API Weinschel offers solutions to challenging test, simulation and RF distribution requirements.
API Technologies Upconverters and Downconverters utilize in-house filter, amplifier and mixer designs which allows us to maintain critical performance alignment for exceptional amplitude and gain flatness.
API Technologies produces a wide range of Digital Frequency Discriminators (DFDs) and Instantaneous Frequency Measurement receivers (IFMs) tailored to the stringent requirements of today’s state-of-the-art EW receivers.
API Technologies' line of both low phase noise Frequency Multipliers and low noise multipliers deliver superior AM phase noise performance.
AESA scalable active antenna array units featuring quad T/R modules for next-generation radar, e-scan, datalink, and satcom applications.
API Technologies, a leader in RF/Microwave Product design also has a rich heritage in supporting the repair and upgrading of older non-API hardware.