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Wireline and Wirepac

Wireline and Wirepac quadrature couplers and hybrids, developed and patented by Sage Laboratories, consist of a pair of wire center conductors surrounded by a continuous dielectric insulator and shielded by a drawn or extruded metallic jacket. The resultant construction has the physical attributes of semi-rigid coaxial cable and the electric performance of a precision TEM mode parallel coupled line coupler.

Electrical Performance includes frequency independent quadrature output phases, low VSWR, low insertion loss, high directivity and freedom from intermodulation products.

All of our standard products are available through our distribution channels:TTI, RFMW, Richardson, and A.E. Petsche.

Octave Band Performance
  • Wireline products feature the performance characteristics of an octave band 3 dB quadrature hybrid.
  • Wireline products feature a formable construction similar to semi-rigid cable.
Low Loss
  • The Wireline coupler insertion loss is defined as input power minus the sum of all output powers.
  • Insertion loss is typically less than 0.3 or 0.4 dB over the frequency range.
  • Wirepac insertion loss is typically less than 0.2 dB over the operating frequency range.
Value Added Features
  • API has long standing aerospace and commercial heritage with the Wireline and Wirepac product lines.
  • We are certified for MIL-PRF-38534, Class H and K.
  • Our Wireline, tin plate and bare finish products are RoHS Compliant. Product is EAR99.
  • 3 dB Quadrature hybrid coupler
  • Directional coupler
  • Single balance mixer
  • Power divider/combiner
  • Diplexers
  • Digital Broadcast Transmitters
  • IFF
Components in Stock
  • All of our standard products are available through our distribution channels:
  • TTI
  • RFMW
  • Richardson
  • A.E. Petsche