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8334 Programmable Attenuator Profile Simulator System

A Weinschel product

APITech Weinschel's Model 8334 Programmable Attenuator Profile Simulator provides multi-channel, high-speed, attenuation control.

The attenuation level of multiple channels can be syncronized with one another, and the system can be externally triggered.

The system supports the programming of up to 131,072 attenuation sequence points per attenuator, and can sweep through them at user defined intervals. The minimum interval is 100 µs. Update rates can range from 100 µs to 1 s. 

An external TTL trigger and TTL status outputs allow for syncronization with other hardware. Trigger polarity is programmable.

The model 8334 is housed in a 19 inch rack mount enclosure, and can support up to 8 attenuation channels. This system can be configured for front, rear, or front to rear RF connections.

  • Simulate path loss on each channel or mobility scenarios between a handset and multiple base stations
  • Create arbitrary, synchronous attenuation profiles with timing skews of <10 nsec between channels to replicate precision fading and handover scenarios
  • Generate coherent, multi-channel pulsed RF outputs for a given attenuation level
Maximum Channels 8
AC Voltage 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
AC Power 100 Watt Max
Operating Temperature 0° to 50° C
Control Connectors 9-Pin D (Male), RS-232
9-Pin D (Male), AUX
Mini-B USB
RJ-45 (Ethernet)
Control Interfaces TCP
TTL Trigger/Status
Hardware Compatability Microsoft Windows
Apple Os X
Software Compatability Microsoft Windows
Apple Os X
Form Factor Full-Rack
Update Rate 100 µS to 1 s
Fmin (MHz) Fmax (MHz) Attenuator Model Range (dB) Step (dB) Max I.L. (dB) SWRmax Switching
0.3 6000 4205A-31.5 31.75 0.25 4.5 1.7 Solid State
0.3 6000 4205A-63.5 63.75 0.25 7.0 1.7 Solid State
0.3 6000 4205A-95.5 95.5 0.5 9.25 1.9 Solid State
RoHS compliance dependent on attenuator installed. Some attenuators are NOT compliant.