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Flange, Chip & Rod Resistors

APITech makes chip, flange, rod, and thin film resistors.

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Powerfilm flange resistors are used in power generators, attenuators, or stripline and microstrip hybrids.
APITech offers a wide selection of Inmet Brand Powerfilm™ chip resistors. These surface-mount components are often used in hybrid attenuators and Wilkinson power dividers.
APITech has the capability to deposit either NiChrome or Tantalum Nitride resistors on all popular substrates with most conductor metals, barrier metals and base metals.
APITech offers a wide selection of Powerfilm™ Rod Resistors. DC-40 GHz Performance. Samples available.
Attenuators, terminations, and resistors with power up to 1250 Watts and frequency up to 27 GHz are available in chip and flange surface-mount packages.