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APITech's extensive portfolio of passive and active RF/Microwave components are easily integrated into existing systems or block diagrams. Multi-disciplined component heritage with a wide range of standard, configurable and customizable design options.

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Offerings include fixed attenuators, programmable attenuators, manual step/variable attenuators, and surface mount attenuators.
Standard medium and high power coaxial terminations & loads with a low intermodulation option.
Available in SMA, Type N, 7/16 DIN, and Type F models. Perfect for test and measurement applications.
APITech Inmet Dust and Moisture caps are Ideal for sealing ports for shipping or storage.
APITech Power Dividers use low loss materials to improve overall Insertion Loss and increase peak power handling.
APITech standard off-the-shelf, custom and configurable patch antennas and antenna assemblies with various connector and cable assembly options.