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API is proud to offer both Weinschel and Inmet brand components including Powerfilm™ surface mount resistive chip and flange attenuators. 

API's Inmet and Weinschel brand offers a wide selection of fixed microwave attenuators with frequency ranges from DC to 50 GHz with power handling to 1,000 W.
A wide selection of solid-state, mechanical relay and edge-line designs. Available in a variety of step sizes and frequency bands.
Wide variable attenuation range with approximately linear calibrated dial, and rugged design.
Powerfilm flange attenuators are designed to uniformly reduce power of the RF signal while generating only a small reflection even under maximum power conditions.
Powerfilm chip attenuators from API Inmet come in two varieties: "Temperature Stable" (standard) and "Temperature Variable" attenuators.
For those applications demanding broadband accuracy with low SWR and accurate repeatability over large attenuation ranges.
API Inmet Powerfilm™ product line includes a selection of passive resistive components designed for use with stripline circuits.