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RF & Microwave Filters

API Technologies has built its reputation on designing and delivering the most challenging RF & Microwave filters in the industry and that is why so many RF engineers trust their filter needs to us. We remain on the leading edge of microwave filter technology through innovative and out-of-the-box engineering, employing modern assembly and testing equipment, and by utilizing the most advanced microwave design software available on the market today. Whatever your filter need is, API Technologies continues to be your top and most trusted source.


Design a Filter



Lumped Element, Cavity, Ceramic, Tubular, Waveguide, Suspended Substrate Stripline and SAW Filters
Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Bandreject, and Multiplexer Filters
Integration of filters with additional components such as amplifiers, switches, couplers, limiters, etc.
API Technologies designs, manufactures and qualifies filter components and assemblies for use in space applications.
State-of-the-art filter designs for basestations, wireless service providers, and other OEM’s applications.