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Trusted brands of the Secure Systems & Information Assurance Division of APITech

Cyber security is top of mind in today’s hyper-connected world. The traditional security perimeters used by organisations are vulnerable, and are blurred by fast-growing technologies like cloud, mobile and virtualization. 

The most precious commodity is data, and integrity is vital as any compromise or breach can lead to financial, political and/or life-threatening consequences.

Emcon and SST enable governments and defence agencies around the world to protect data from covert surveillance and TEMPEST eavesdropping attacks.

ION Networks secure remote access solutions enables central control, management and monitoring of critical IT and voice networks to protect against privileged user breaches.

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A broad range of TEMPEST desktop solutions including PC's, workstations, printers, thin/zero clients, monitors, and accessories. 
A broad range of Voice and Video Conferencing solutions designed for office, huddle room, and conference room environments.
A broad range of mobile solutions for office and harsh environment applications.
An extensive range of shielded racks, cabinets, and bespoke enclosures solutions that provide a high level of RFI attenuation to enable the use of unmodified COTS equipment in a TEMPEST application.
Secure communication solutions for government and military deployment.
ION Networks solutions enable privileged users to remotely manage, monitor, and secure critical voice and data network infrastructure.
Emcon and SST offer a range of custom engineered TEMPEST and secure solutions to meet the most demanding customer requirements.
Emcon, SST and ION Networks offer training, consultation and custom TEMPEST testing as well as providing cost-effective managed service agreements and extended warranty.