API Technologies' Emcon and SST Brand TEMPEST products safeguard the world's most sensitive data from covert eavesdropping by protecting IT equipment and systems from those who may do harm.

Emcon & SST brand TEMPEST Desktop Solutions including PC's, workstations, printers, monitors and accessories.
Mobile TEMPEST solutions include laptops, mobile printers scanners, custom travel cases, mobile thin clients. A range of semi-rugged and full rugged laptop solutions are offered for use in harsh environment applications.
Emcon/SST brand TEMPEST networking solutions include Rackmountable plug and play solutions: Multi U 19” rackmount TEMPEST / Secure chassis housing switches, routers and multi pairs of IP encryption devices.
An extensive range of shielded racks, cabinets, and bespoke enclosures solutions are which provide a high level of RFI attenuation to enable the use of unmodified COTS equipment in a TEMPEST application.
Emcon and SST brand TEMPEST Voice and Video Conferencing solutions are designed for the office, huddle room and conference room environments