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SST Brand Warranty

Extended Warranty for TEMPEST Products

The SST Customer Support Center (CSC) fully supports the range of equipment of SST manufacture, as well as offering Third Party Maintenance on related equipment. It is an SST policy to offer warranty and maintenance service to an equal or greater level to that of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and offer extended warranty periods as required by our customers.

SST engineers are highly trained, impeccably qualified and dedicated to responding to the needs of our clients in a timely manner. Our engineers receive constant updates to their training, ensuring skill levels are maintained at the highest level. SST maintains close contact with clients to ensure a timely response as well as holding adequate spare parts to guarantee optimum turn-around times.

SST provides a comprehensive warranty with each product which can normally be upgraded to provide an extended warranty period. 

The Secure Systems division of APITech offers global support. Below you will find links to North American and European office locations which offer TEMPEST product and service support.