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ION Networks Solutions

Who Uses ION?

ION users span more than 35 countries and include Fortune® 100 companies, service providers, hardware and software manufacturers, as well as government and military agencies. Over half the world's top telecommunications companies use ION products to deliver remote managed services to their customers.

Remote Administration: Virtually Any Device, Virtually Any Connection

Using ION technology, you can remotely administer a variety of end devices including legacy voice, VoIP, and complex IT systems. ION lets you handle all elements of remote administration, using a single solution.

Remotely access:

  • Console ports
  • Local Telnet and SSH consoles
  • Windows, Unix, Linux remote desktops

Extend your administrative reach and use existing tools:

  • Deliver patches quickly
  • Troubleshoot problems quickly and easily
  • Harness automated administration tools for troubleshooting, backups, health checks, and password changes
  • Use your proprietary administration tools

The ION solution makes it easy to overcome common technical problems, like NATing, patch delivery, and firewall reconfiguration, which hamper remote administration.

Third Party Access Control: Manage Access, View and Control Activities

More than ever, companies are turning to outside vendors to manage and maintain IT and voice systems. Following strict security requirements, companies must monitor the access and activities of outside parties on the enterprise network. Complex and varied access methods and security protocols have made IT governance and security compliance nearly impossible…until ION.

ION products provide centralized vendor access control. Precisely control the access and activities of all who use network resources. Built-in audit and reporting features let you track all activities, down to a technician level, using keystroke logging technology. Best of all, get visibility into service provider activity. Make the most of your managed services investment; see what service providers are doing on your behalf.

With the ION third-party access control solution, you can:

  • Grant granular user access rights
  • Log all session activity - down to keystroke level
  • Receive notifications on administrator access and security events
  • Notifications on security events
  • View and terminate sessions
  • Review activities to justify managed services costs

Remote Monitoring and Management: Easy Managed Services Delivery

As VoIP emerges as the enterprise voice standard, and IT systems grow in complexity, remote monitoring and management tools must accommodate these changing needs.

ION appliances vastly simplify alarm management by collecting, automatically converting, filtering, and prioritizing alarms from legacy voice, VoIP, and IT equipment, including (but not limited to):

  • SNMP Traps
  • Proprietary
  • Physical

Important alarms are escalated and forwarded to existing Network Management System (NMS) tools or technicians. Duplicate and unnecessary alarms are discarded. This means team members spend time-solving real problems, instead of sorting through hundreds of alarms.

Built-in forwarding, notification, and automated responses let service providers share key information with enterprise customers. This demonstrates the service provider's value and gives the enterprise visibility into the services they receive.