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Secure Access Products

ION Networks range of hardware security appliance meet the unique needs of both VoIP and IT deployments. Secure appliances provide flexible and adaptable connectivity solutions via diverse networks or physical connectivity to devices via console ports or networks such as the PSTN, cellular, or broadband networks. Utilizing the ION VM security appliance enables secure remote access to systems in Cloud network environments.

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ION PRIISMS (Proactive Remote Integrated Intelligent Secure Management Solution) is a secure web-based gateway application to centrally control the remote access, management, and monitoring of critical IT and voice networks.
The ION™ SA600 Series Service Access Point introduces a new approach to remote device management.
Specifically for Avaya and heritage Nortel customers and partners, APITech offers a special line of products that addresses remote management, secure access, and modem challenges.
New version of ION Secure Appliances now supports a new Web Server to simplify system administration and user connectivity.
With its low price point and drop-in deployment model, the ION™ SA500 is the ideal choice for service providers that remotely service Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).
The ION™ SA5610-SAL: Avaya® SAL Edition is a security appliance with a full standalone SAL Gateway, and SLA Mon, pre-installed, which provides IP and secure dial-up connectivity to Avaya and heritage Nortel systems.
The appliance is easily deployable and delivers next generation remote services, such as: patch management, proactive device monitoring, and VoIP Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring.