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ION Network Secure Appliances

The ION™ SA600 Series Service Access Point introduces a new approach to remote device management.
Specifically for Avaya and heritage Nortel customers and partners, API Technologies offers a special line of products that addresses remote management, secure access, and modem challenges.
New version of ION Secure Appliances now supports a new Web Server to simplify system administration and user connectivity.
With its low price point and drop-in deployment model, the ION™ SA500 is the ideal choice for service providers that remotely service Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).
The ION™ SA5610-SAL: Avaya® SAL Edition is a security appliance with a full standalone SAL Gateway, and SLA Mon, pre-installed, which provides IP and secure dial-up connectivity to Avaya and heritage Nortel systems.
The appliance is easily deployable and delivers next generation remote services, such as: patch management, proactive device monitoring, and VoIP Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring.
The ION™ SM110 Secure Modem is a highly cost-effective dial-up solution that allows for easy dial-up connectivity to critical voice and IT equipment without compromising security or service levels.