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Emcon/SST Brand 6A AC In Line Power Filter

The high attenuation and wideband filtering capabilities of this filter enable the use of TEMPEST equipment in an unprotected power environment.

This power line filter is designed to isolate signals generated within equipment and significantly reduce conducted power line emissions. This enables the installation of TEMPEST equipment in an area without pre-conditioned (filtered) AC power.

This robust slimline filter is designed for use on single-phase AC supply and easily installs in place of the standard power lead. The filter simply connects between the AC supply and equipment without having to ensure earth bonding to a conductive bulkhead or onsite installation of supplementary earthing circuits.

Leads are permanently bonded to the case with a standard IEC 320 C13 for direct connection to the range of Emcon and SST TEMPEST equipment. The European version includes a plug with side contact and pin earthing/grounding for correct power orientation.

The Power Filters are designed for the most stringent TEMPEST applications requiring compliance to NSTISSAM TEMPEST/1-92, Level I; CID09/15A, Level I; and SDIP-27/2. Level A (providing the equipment and associated systems are installed to the requirements identified in SDIP-29).

  • High performance 6A AC mains power filter
  • Direct replacement for standard power lead
  • Use SDIP-27 Level B equipment in a unprotected power environment
  • Robust slimline design
  • Easily installed without bulkhead fixing or secondary Earth circuit