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Emcon and SST TEMPEST 24" High Resolution

Dell U241 Series Monitor

Emcon has developed a 24” monitor based on the Dell U2412M series. 

These 24” narrow bezel monitors feature 8 ms response time and a 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast (DC) ratio. Thinking Green, modify energy usage settings based on text brightness and color temperature with the touch of a button to help conserve energy with this arsenic-free and mercury-free panel.

This device is certified to NSTISSAM TEMPEST/1-92, Level I; CID09/15A, Level I; and SDIP-27/2. Level A (providing the equipment and associated systems are installed to the requirements identified in SDIP-29).

The Secure Systems division of APITech offers global support. Below you will find links to North American and European office locations which offer TEMPEST product and service support.