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TEMPEST PCs & Workstations

From small footprint desktops to high power workstations, Emcon and SST offer computer platforms to suit the need of any customer environment and job function. 

Don't ignore the Cyber Security Blind Spot.

Please view our product selection below. 

Ultra Small Form Factor that can can be used as a desktop PC or mounted to an LCD for a “zero footprint” configuration or “All in One.”
Emcon and SST fully customizable TEMPEST PC that can be used as a Tower or Desktop PC. Device and peripherals are tailored for optimal security, including a government and military environment.
Maximize space without compromising power using the TEMPEST certifified Dell Precision T3620.
All-In-one high performing desktop PC for users requiring a reliable and cost-effective PC for a busy work environment.
All-in-one workstation provides users with a native windowing environment across multiple isolated networks with a single platform. It is highly suited to Network Operations Centers, government offices and military work environments.