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RF, Microwave, Microelectronics & Power Solutions Testing

We monitor critical phases of the production process with proprietary data logging technology. We incorporate strategic disciplined processes including APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) to ensure that a specific, structured sequence of operations is completed to prevent potential quality problems. APITech’s careful adherence to ISO controlled standard processes guarantees that from conception to design development and into production and final inspection that an APITech team member is providing the proper oversight and monitoring at each stage in the process.

Testers and handlers are designed and fabricated in-house to ensure application of optimal methods, accuracy, and maximum throughput. Integral to finding solutions to frequency control problems is the ability to test for compliance. In order to successfully test these complex designs, we have invested heavily in high performance test equipment.

UKAS Accredited Test Services: full environmental, dynamic and climatic testing solutions based in the UK.


  • Mixed Signal Test Stations
  • Custom and Standard Product ATE Station
  • High Power RF Testing
  • S-Parameter testing
  • Phase noise testing
  • AM noise Testing 
  • Spurious, Sub-harmonics, Harmonics, P1dB and IP3 measurements
  • Vector network analysis
  • Switch speef measurements
  • Pulsed RF measurements
  • Noise figure testing
  • Instantaneous Frequency Measurement
  • Surge testing and power handling


  • Wirebond Pull and Shear Testing
  • Gross and Fine Leak Testing
  • Real Time X-Ray
  • Constant Acceleration Centrifuge
  • PIND Testing
  • Thermal Cycle
  • Thermal Shock
  • Burn-in
  • Mechanical Shock
  • Sine and Random Vibration

  • AutoCAD
  • SolidWorks
  • PSpice
  • PCad
  • OrCad
  • Mechanical and Thermal Finite Element Analysis 
  • Ansoft HFSS
  • Microsoft Office
  • Agilent ADS Design Suite
  • Cadence Allegro
  • Ansoft Designer
  • Sonnet EM Simulator
  • Agilent ADS Design Suite
  • Labview
  • Agilent Genesys
  • Cadence Allegro
  • Ansoft Designer
  • Sonnet EM Simulator
  • RF/Microwave Simulation Tools – Linear & Non-linear
  • Thermal Modeling