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10 Commandments of Electromagnetic Compatibility

10 Commandments

  1. Create control plan and tabulate all known frequencies and wave shapes to predict EMI profile.
  2. Filter Power Lines at immediate entry point.
  3. Filter all I/O lines and signal lines with selected tailored pass band response filters.
  4. Design all modules to have an aluminum stiffener backplane under P.C board that bonds to printed circuit commons.
  5. Use multilayer boards with a ground layer wherever possible to contain fast rise time energy.
  6. Monitor Surface resistively of plating on all metal finishes to maintain less than 3 milliohms per square centimeter R.
  7. Install ferrite cores / beads over input power lines and signal lines, coax lines etc. to minimize common mode emissions.
  8. Twist all pairs of wires at 18 turns per foot to minimize magnetic pickup.
  9. Shield and wiper ground / bond all backplanes and interfaces to modules.
  10. Close or inter-bond all apertures and gaps longer greater than Lambda (wavelength) / 20.