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Lumped Constant Delay Lines

APITech's Lumped Constant Delay Lines offer excellent frequency stability in semi-standard or custom designs to meet unique specifications. Active buffered, passive fixed and variable designs are available. Many interface options are offered including DIP, SIP Leaded and SMD. Packaging options include low cost, plastic encapsulated or hermetically welded.

Frequency and Temperature Stable

APITech's Lumped Constant delay lines offer wide frequency and range of delay, and are easily configurable for new applications. Small package size and good temperature stability make LC delay lines an ideal choice for a wide range of high reliability applications.


  • Clock Synchronization
  • Timing Pulse Generation
  • EW Target Generation
  • Video Delay

Features & Specifications

  • Frequency Range: DC - 150 MHz
  • Delay: 10 nsec – 5,000 nsec
  • Insertion Loss: 5%
  • Stability: 70ppm/degC
  • Distortion: 5%